TRI - Audit Defense has met C-Level Security Certification

TaxResources Incorporated's Audit Defense security controls, policies and procedures have been audited, tested and validated by C-Level Security LLC.    C-Level Security is an independent security focused consulting firm employing leaders in the industry.    C-Level Security certifications are developed to meet regulatory and best practice guidelines.   The C-Level Certified Seal carried on this site displays that the Organization has adopted proactive security steps for safeguarding your data during entry, transmission and storage.  

To verify the validity of this certification C-Level Security recommends the following steps

C-Level Security Certified
Web Site Audit Defense
Scope Perimeter, Process
Status Valid
Regulatory Body GLBA
Date of Certification 1/1/06
System Description Audit Defense and Professional Tax Review
Organizational Best Practices NIST/NSA/ISO

Link to Auditor's Statement

If any of the above information is inaccurate, please report your concerns to "certifiedsite" at .

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